We don’t like planning because it isn’t sexy.

Planning isn’t glamorous, and it can be somewhat tedious, but planning is vital to our success. 

In the online business world, six-figure success claims run rampant and often the story behind the success is never told, so we forget what it takes to reach our goals. In order to measure our success, stop overwhelm, and also grow our businesses we must plan.

Planning helps us to identify goals.
Planning helps us to uncover problems.
Planning helps us to prevent piss poor performance.

But I get it. Planning can be daunting. Sometimes we don’t know the correct questions to ask ourselves, and we don’t know where to start...so we don’t. We run our business without any checks and balances, so we never know how healthy our business actually is or what changes need to be made.

Don’t you want more control over your success?

Well, planning will provide you that control and I’m here to help make planning super simple for you with my 2018 Planning Intensive.

It’s a 90-minute, 1:1 planning intensive for $150 and the intent is to get you crystal clear on your financial goals for 2018 and understand what it will take to reach those goals.

This 90-minute intensive is ideal for women sick and tired of continually being on the wheel of overwhelm because they don’t have any idea what the next step in their business should be, and want to make sure their time is spent on the things moving their business forward instead of holding it back. 

In this session we will:

Get clear on what your overall profit goal is for the year and then take that goal and translate it into the actual sales required for it to be obtained. This will allow you to stop guessing about the number of clients you need or the number of products you need to sell.

Find out how many subscribers you'll need to add to your email list to reach your profit goal. Why? Because the most efficient place to get sales that convert is from your email list, but statistics show only 2% of your subscribers will convert so your email list is vital.

Plan out your content strategy for the year so you can stay ahead of the game.

Basically, we will break it all down until it can’t be broken down anymore! You’ll come out of our intensive with a crystal clear idea of what 2018 will look like for you and your business. No more guessing and no more overwhelm - you’ll be on the road to focused energy for 2018. Who doesn’t want that?

You’ll walk away from our intensive with a comprehensive workbook detailing your 2018 profit goal broken down by quarters, months, and weeks. With this workbook you’ll be able to reference your next steps throughout the upcoming year so you can be sure to reach your goals.

Ready to make 2018 your best year in business yet?

If you said “yes,” click the button below to get started.