Done For You

You’re not new to this.

You’ve been in this online business space for awhile.

You have a consistent flow of clients and people purchasing your products but you can’t grow beyond where you’re at because you haven’t created systems that work for you because you’re either overwhelmed by the various tech options, or not sure which you should choose or how they all work.

You’re not alone.

A lot of entrepreneurs who come to work with me are ready to scale their businesses, see more results, and make things easier but they’re overwhelmed with it all the moving pieces so they don’t make any moves and stay in a rut for far too long.

Instead of simply telling you what needs to be done in order to achieve your desired results, I’ll be your personal driver and get it done for you - so you get an entire solution instead of bits and pieces. You’ll walk away with a fully customized, optimized, and implemented system that is designed to help you grow your business without stressing you out.

As with my Just Coffee offering, we’ll meet one-on-one for 90 minutes and discuss the things that are giving you a headache in your business, brainstorm ideas and find solutions to move the needle forward in your biz. I’ll then take that information and create a custom Flourishing Map and then implement those solutions and systems so you don’t have to.

How Done For You Works:

  1. We’ll meet for a 90-minute 1:1 session to discuss anything giving you pause in your business.

  2. I’ll create a custom Flourishing Map detailing the solutions discussed in your session and deliver to you 4 business days after our session.

  3. After you receive your Flourishing Map, we’ll meet for 30-minute follow-up session to ensure we’re both on the same page before implementation begins.

  4. Once I have the okay, I’ll implement the Flourishing Map and have all systems in place within 10 business days.

  5. We’ll meet for one last 30 min follow-up session to review the system and answer any remaining questions.

Your Investment In Done For You: $850*

*There is $50 fee for consultations. If an agreement to work together is established, the $50 fee will be credited towards any work we do together. You can read why I charge for consultations here.