Estephanie Ortiz
Estephanie Ortiz

Estephanie Ortiz

What Services / Products Does Your Business Provide?

Educational material for children.


How Long Have You Been In Business?

2 years


Why Did You Start Your Business?

I started Beaut&Beast because I wanted to highlight the positive and successful stories of single mothers. There is a stigma associated with being a young parent and/or single mother and I wanted to prove it to be wrong. I felt that I was living proof that being a young mother can bring out the best in you and I wanted to share similar stories of other mothers.


What Has Been The Toughest Part About Being In Business For Yourself?

The toughest part about being in business for myself is marketing and networking. For me, I hate feeling like I’m trying to sell a product or coming off as a salesperson, so I don’t know how to market my product aggressively. In regards to networking, I am an introvert by nature so it’s been a learning experience working at being open and vulnerable to the world.


What Was Your Dream Job As A Kid And Why?

My dream job as a kid was to be an artist, I loved the freedom of expression. I loved getting lost in whatever I was creating and stepping away from reality.


What Woman Inspires You And Why?

Sabrina Peterson of The Glam University and Shelah Marie are currently my biggest inspirations. I love how open and honest they are about themselves and their family. They hold the door open for other women trying to get through the door and provide opportunities from their experiences. They are at a level that I aspire to reach.


What Will Be The Biggest Challenge For The Generation Of Black Women Behind You?

The biggest challenge for black women would be dealing with the criticism that comes with the “angry black woman” stigma that pops up the moment emotions are shown. Also, working to understand that it is okay to have emotions, to be your own person, to not be like everyone else. Society tries to push sex, complacency, and assimilation throughout all forms of media. They will have to overcome it all and stick true to their own person even if it means being by yourself.


Where Can We Find You And Your Business?
Instagram: @beautandbeastllc