You know you need support in your business. You want to be more than social, And you’re ready to Be Exclusive.

You're ready to move ideas from possible to done.

You’d love someone to manage your social media, but your emails are also overwhelming you; your editorial calendar is a mess, and you need someone to hold your hand to the fire, while also researching and creating content lists for you; your on-boarding structures are a mess and your launch sequence isn’t converting the way you’d like it to.

You need strategic and targeted help with a few key aspects to grow your business, and you want someone to hold your hand and tell you you’re beautiful.

Let’s Date. Exclusively.

Here is what we will do together:

  • Plan out your revenue goals, launch timelines, and content milestones so you can see the big picture of your business and stay accountable to your goals. 

  • Develop a seamless, automated client onboarding process to give your clients a high-touch experience without you needing to be at their beck and call.

  • Design a marketing plan to ensure you are being seen and heard in the places Your People frequent. This includes personal content creation, social media, and potential collaborations.

  • Track your business health by analyzing growth in the following areas: subscribers, website visitors, and social media followers. It's important to know what's working and what's not so you can focus your time and effort in the best places.

  • Create standard operating procedures (SOPs) for your internal operations to help provide consistenecy and quality control inside your business.

  • Systematize and automate as many tasks and processes as possible so you are free to focus on all the things that grow your business.

  • Develop your contracts and policies + procedures to make sure you, your business, and your time are always protected.

Tasks I will complete to ensure you reach your goals:

  • Create images for all of your content that is consistent with your current brand aesthetic.

  • Implement all systems and processes we design.

  • Have all content proofread by a copy editor so your message is always strong and consistent.

  • Complete research for blog posts and potential new products + services.

  • Do everything that's included in my "Social Media Growth" package.

  • Format and schedule your blog posts and newsletters.

  • Provide project management and implementation for launches.

What's included in this package:

  • 20 hours monthly - please read my take on hourly rates and rollover hours here.
  • A 60-min onboarding meeting where I get familiar with your business.
  • Weekly 30-45 min meetings to keep us on track.

What's not included in this package:

  • E-mail management
  • Website design


Your investment in getting your business sailing on smooth waters: $900/month

Toi is smart, connected, fast and full of love. I’m so grateful to have her helping me execute some of the backend pieces of my business that I simply don’t have the bandwidth for. Having her on my team is like having a secret superpower of tangible support — something every small business owner deeply needs and deserves. I love working with Toi and highly recommend her magic.
— Rachael Maddox