Black women are the fastest growing group of ENTREPRENEURS


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Here’s the reality: our culture -- and our banking and business institutions -- excludes and marginalizes Black women entrepreneurs.

And entrepreneurship is a critical path, and sometimes the only path, for Black women to develop thriving livelihoods.

Black women are often becoming entrepreneurs in the first place because we’re often not welcomed or promoted in a hostile workplace. 

That’s why Black women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the U.S.

Despite being the largest group of entrepreneurs in the country, we still earn less than 1% of the total funding each year from venture capitalists.

Black women starting smaller-scale, earlier-stage businesses are also disproportionately denied by banks the access the capital we need to help our businesses succeed in the long run.

Entrepreneurship is the way Black women empower ourselves in a hostile work and financial culture; but there are systemic, financial blocks to our self-determination there, too.

It doesn’t have to be this way.
It shouldn’t be this way.
We can do at least one thing to change it.
Let’s intervene at the beginning when Black women need us most.
Let’s change the game by investing in and boosting Black women starting businesses.

That’s what the Black Women Changing The Game Business fund is going to do.

100 women committing to giving $25 per month for a year who believe in relationship and community over transaction.
$30,000 raised ($25.000 for fund recipients and $5,000 for program maintenance and payment fees)
10 Black women each receiving $2500 to invest in their businesses.
A new way to support Black women entrepreneurs.


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Why I created this...

I started working for myself about three years ago. It was a move made out of necessity after being laid off for the second time and needing to create more stability for me and my sons. While being an entrepreneur has been extremely difficult, it also has been overwhelmingly beautiful and I want other Black women to have that experience. I want to help other Black women own more of their time, more of their resources, and more of themselves.

Will you join us in ensuring Black women keep changing the game?