Just Coffee

You’ve bought all the courses on list-building and growing your business with Facebook Ads. You’ve read all the blog posts on branding and niching. You’ve watched all the webinars on how to grow your business to six figures in 6 weeks.

But somehow none of these magic systems seem to work for your business. For some reason the traditional models don’t quite fit your business.

You’ve been spinning your wheels and hitting your head against the same walls for a while now. You know you’ve got something important to say and to offer, but you can’t figure out how to move beyond where you are now.

I get it.

A lot of the advice and the online business models offered to entrepreneurs, especially women entrepreneurs, are mass-produced and don’t support individuality and can be extremely problematic and oppressive.  

The truth is this:

You need to talk to an expert, you need to have support in order to calm the madness of doing all the things by your lonesome. You need to know the best way to get shit done in your business, in a way that doesn’t overwhelm or exhaust you. You need someone to just point you in the right direction because you can get most stuff done yourself you just need a little custom support, guidance, and reassurance.

Let's have coffee.

We’ll meet one-on-one for 90 minutes and discuss the things that are giving you a headache in your business, brainstorm ideas and find solutions to move the needle forward in your biz. I’ll give you my professional opinion on the best course of action to help you get clear on the direct next steps you need to take so you can grow to the next level in your business. I’ll ask the right questions to help you uncover the solutions you already know because sometimes all we need is an outside source to help us re-discover our magic. I won’t come in and reinvent your business, rather I’ll help you fill in the holes and connect the dots to help cultivate a better experience for both you and your clients.

What you'll get:

  • 90-minute 1:1 session to discuss anything giving you pause in your business 
  • An audit of your current business systems, processes, and tech platforms
  • A custom, post session road map detailing the solutions discussed in your session, delivered to you 7 days after our session
  • 30-minute follow up session following the delivery of your custom road map

Your Investment In Our Coffee Date: $325*

*There is $50 fee for consultations. If an agreement to work together is established, the $50 fee will be credited towards any work we do together. You can read why I charge for consultations here.


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“I love working with Toi Smith! In a very short time she turned my social media outreach around and I began seeing results in the form of interactions and sign ups almost immediately. She has helped me grow my business while also creating time for me to do what I do best (write, create, and work with my clients). She has great ideas and I love collaborating with her on ways to move my message out to more people. She is a gem and I truly cannot recommend her enough.” 
Gwynn Raimondi | www.gwynnraimondi.com