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Letisha & Zeena Brown

Letisha & Zeena Brown

What Services / Products Does Your Business Provide?

100% plant-based, cruelty-free, non-GMO skin care

How Long Have You Been In Business?

Officially for 2 years, however the idea of Brown & Coconut and the long planning process began in 2013.

What Has Been The Toughest Part About Being In Business For Yourself?

We definitely would say knowing when to trust your gut. You go your entire life being told what decisions to make and when. When you own your own business you call 100% of the shots, which is extremely liberating and exciting, but can be difficult at times when it comes to making tough calls.

What Was Your Dream Job As A Kid And Why?

Letisha: I wanted to be a health coach to help people lead healthier lives. I guess owning a plant-based skin care line that helps people to reduce their exposure to chemicals isn’t too far off!

Zeena: I wanted to be an archeologist. I have always been fascinated by old treasures and their history!

What’s Your Greatest Professional Achievement? 

Launching Brown & Coconut was huge for us both! Starting any business is never easy, but particularly a skin care company, requiring several years of research and development is something we are quite proud of. It’s amazing to see your hard work manifest into something great, especially when you know it will ultimately help people lead cleaner/safer lives.

What Woman Inspires You And Why?

100% our mom. With our father, she raised 4 little girls while working full-time as a registered nurse. She gave us nothing but the most wonderful childhood and showed us what being a strong intelligent woman is all about.

What Will Be The Biggest Challenge For The Generation Of Black Women Behind You?

We think believing in yourself and blocking out the noise is so critical to one’s success. Everyone is going to have an opinion and they aren’t always going to be positive and supportive, so it’s important to believe in yourself and keep pushing forward despite what anyone says.

Where Can We Find You And Your Business?