In life and in business values are important. They keep us accountable and let others know what we stand for and who we stand with. Without values, there is no way to gauge who or what is in alignment with us and who or what is not. 

Smith Virtual Business Partners exists to use small and micro businesses as catalysts to uplift, support, and liberate women so they are able to do their very best work and in return reap the highest financial rewards possible.

To fortify women, so they stand tall in the belief that they are powerful beyond measure, in business and in all other facets of life, so they are able to achieve the goals that are most important to them.

There is power in uplifting one another
Financial security for women is non-negotiable
Rest is just as important as work
The collective is more important than the individual
Radical self-responsibility is a game changer
Everyone is deserving of respect