Planning isn’t sexy.

Excel spreadsheets?  Editorial calendars? Graphs? Projections?


It’s not glamorous, and it feels tedious AF.

But you also know that planning is vital to the success of your business.

In the online business world, six-figure launch claims run rampant, making overnight success seem easy. But the truth behind the "overnight success" is never told.

The truth is that everyone who’s ever had a six-figure launch has planned every inch of it - and it’s hard work.

But they don’t talk about it because that’s not sexy.

In order to reach your goals, measure your success, stop overwhelm, and grow your business you must plan.

Planning helps us to identify goals.
Planning helps us to uncover problems.
Planning helps us to prevent piss poor performance.

But planning can also be daunting.

What should you be tracking? Income? Profits? Number of clients? Projections?

You don’t know where to start — so you don’t start at all.

But if you continue to run your business without any real checks and balances, you’ll never know how healthy your business actually is — or what changes need to be made.

Do you want more control over your success?

Planning will provide you that control.

I’m here to help make planning super simple for 2019.


I’m Toi…

In case you aren't familiar with me, my name is Toi Smith, and I am a creator, a mother, and business strategist/manager. My business is all about supporting other women entrepreneurs so they can flourish. I’m also an advocate for Black women and making sure we are seen, heard and respected across all fronts. 

Have you checked out Black Women Changing The Game?

The Planning Intensive is a 60-minute, 1:1 experience in which you’ll get crystal clear on your business goals for Q1 2019 — and understand what it will take to reach them.

Why only Q1 you ask? Most of the women I work with have extremely robust lives and very audacious business and financial goals. These goals, when broken down and truly examined, take a lot of time. Time sometimes that we just can’t find inside of your full lives. I have found that by breaking down goals into smaller pieces, with an actual deadline, we get more done and feel good doing it. So we are only focusing on what we can get done in one quarter. Nothing more nothing less.

This 60-minute intensive is ideal for women sick and tired of constantly being on the wheel of overwhelm because they don’t have any idea what the next step in their business should be. They want to make sure their time is spent on taking actions that move their business forward, instead of holding it back.

In this session we will:

  • Get clear on the money you want to make and investigate how to shift your business to achieve that goal.

  • Look at one major thing you want to have implemented in your business buy the end of Q1 and create the map to get it done

  • Plan out your content strategy for the quarter so you can stay ahead of the game.

Your 2019 Planning Intensive includes a comprehensive project scope detailing your Q1 2019 goals and the exact steps to achieve them. With this project scope, you’ll be able to reference your next steps throughout the upcoming year so you can be sure to reach your goals.

If you’re ready to look at 2019 differently and plan differently - schedule your intensive below.