Roshell Rinkins
Roshell Rinkins

Roshell Rinkins

What Services / Products Does Your Business Provide?

Pigmented and long lasting lipsticks for women on the go conquering family, life, career, and everything in between.

What Values Define Your Business?

We believe that no woman should feel excluded from the beauty conversation which ranges from advertising, lifestyle, product offerings, etc. Our goal is to provide enough shade range that regardless of skin type or undertones that you find your perfect match. Our vision is to become the beauty brand of choice and virtual beauty destination for women on the go.

How Long Have You Been In Business?

Five years.

What Has Been The Toughest Part About Being In Business For Yourself?

Letting go. As the visionary for Liquid Courage, one of the toughest things has been trusting others with my "baby." I would say to myself, "No one is going to do it like me or have as much passion as I do." In some cases, I'm right but in most cases I have been wrong. It all starts with having the right people on your team. One of my biggest leadership lessons has been learning how to achieve results through other people.

What Was Your Dream Job As A Kid And Why?

I wanted to own a record label, Total Package Records because of my love for music and I wanted to create a safe place for women artists/creatives.

What’s Your Greatest Professional Achievement? 

Being invited to sell on Launch date will be announced soon. Sign up for my newsletter via for more details.

What Woman Inspires You And Why?

My mom, Beyonce, and Madam CJ Walker. All have their stories of struggle and triumph. They are my examples of courage.

What Will Be The Biggest Challenge For The Generation Of Black Women Behind You?

I am actually very excited about the future and for the generation of Black women coming behind me. The biggest challenge for that generation will be how to choose from the many opportunities that will be available for them. As they lift and climb, my hope is that they make self-care a priority.

Where Can We Find You And Your Business?