Your business is operational, and growing fast. You’re not ready for a full-blown relationship, but it’d be great to have a partner for all the social stuff. If you could get social media off your plate, you’d be thrilled—and you’re pretty sure you’d be more successful too.

You know where your people hang out on social media, and you’re reaching them, but you know that if you had more time to devote to it, you could convert more people. You need a strategy and a plan, but you don’t have time to create and implement one, because you actually have to run your business! Plus, you’re kind of out of ideas…

Let’s Date, Socially speaking.

This isn’t your average social engagement. I have created a unique social media strategy for my clients that has been proven to increase engagement and conversions.

Let me be your date to all the social parties, and together we’ll watch your biz grow.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Social media objectives and goals relevant to your business goals / objectives
  • Content calendar
  • 1 post per week of an idea / story / article from thought leaders in your industry or like minded businesses that are relevant to your business / brand to Facebook, Instagram (biz page, personal page, group page)
  • 1 text only post per day to FB/Twitter (biz page, personal page) curated from your blog posts
  • Branded memes created from curated text only posts - for both Instagram and Pinterest - posted 1x per day with relevant hashtags so posts are seen more frequently
  • Promotion of a blog post 2x per week (gets traffic back to your website) on Facebook and 1x per week on Instagram and Pinterest


Your investment in your social life: $500/month

I love working with Toi Smith! In a very short time she turned my social media outreach around and I began seeing results in the form of interactions and sign ups almost immediately. She has helped me grow my business while also creating time for me to do what I do best (write, create, and work with my clients). She has great ideas and I love collaborating with her on ways to move my message out to more people. She is a gem and I truly cannot recommend her enough.
— Gwynn Raimondi